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The beginning

Immigrants from Goa travelled to Udupi in order to expand and establish the family business which flourished and grew quite well in Udupi.
Our ancestors had musical talent in their blood and that’s how the musical inspiration came from. The older generation mastered in many of the Indian instruments like Harmonica, Tabala, Veena..etc.
The improvements continued when the western music attracted which made us master even in Guitar, Keyboard, Congo, Bongo, Percussion Pad and such other instruments. After being in the family business for several years we got into the music field with establishment of an orchestra band named “Melody Music”

The Growth

It brings us pride that we are the pioneers of orchestra in the entire Udupi district.
We grew by entertaining the audience and persuading them to move to the rhythm and the beat and that is what made us popular everywhere.
The orchestra band was started in the 1970’s called the Melody Music and gave a lot of stage shows ”ticket shows” which had literally a great audience.
From then on, there was no looking back. The “Melody Music” changed the name to “The Bhaktha Brothers”, in order to include the family name. After that, “The Bhaktha Brothers” have been the synonym to music and orchestra in and around Udupi district.

Birth of Music Corner

After 3 decades of feasting the district with great performances and good music and being in the orchestra business, entertaining the audience, playback to different stage plays, theater plays, dramas, religious and public occasions, in 2007 we decided to paint every nook and corner of the district with the knowledge of music.
Hence, we opened a small store to provide the music instruments for those passionate music lovers as us.
The store was really small with some of Indian and western instruments .The store began with a kick start and the customers increased and so did the orders.

Music Corner: Now

Today Music Corner is a leading music store in Udupi district. Along with selling of the instruments, we give the instruments on rent basis also.
We provide classes of various instruments at a very reasonable fee by expertise professionals.
The customers and the students of the Music Corner includes the population and the students of Udupi, Manipal, the entire Udupi district and still counting…

Our achievements

Pioneers of the orchestra bands in udupi district.

The band members belong to the same family ( the brothers)

We are the only band to have given performance continuously for 30 days, the entire month.

The only band to have introduced instruments like: synthesizers, composers etc

The musical talent in our blood is from the higher source, through our ancestors and its our pride to be the pioneers of it.

Music corner

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